How to Object

CLAMPA offers these letters giving some of the arguments you may print and post to SSE (also can email to – if so, please also copy ).

Deadline for SSE to receive objections is Friday 6th May 2016.

Clampa Objections SSE one-pageClampa Objections SSE medium, and Clampa Objections SSE short. Please click the highlighted text to download, print and add your own points below the text.

See here for additional people to object to.


4 thoughts on “How to Object”

  1. Thanks for all your efforts … realIy excellant web site & material
    I have sent a letter of objection

  2. Can’t find any contact person for CLAMPA – please could someone get in touch? I represent Whitehouse for the Donside Community Council and would like to add our voice. Thanks.

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